May 112012
Free Training at Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker has a new promotion in place where Carbon Poker players can receive free online poker training from the professionals at DragTheBar. celebrity nude  The poker training has a retail value of $30 per month and Carbon Poker players can get this training absolutely free simply by playing online at Carbon Poker.

How gay sex video To Get The Free Training

In order to get the free training at DragTheBar you simply need to rake $1 at Carbon Poker cash games.  Once you rake that $1 you receive the rest of the current month and the following month of free poker training from DragTheBar.  If you rake $500 before the months end then you can tack on an additional free month of online poker training!

You gay porn do need to opt in to take part in this promotion.  To do so visit Carbon Poker and click on the DragTheBar Free Poker Training promotion.  If you don’t yet have a Carbon Poker account you will need to open one and be sure to use a Carbon Poker bonus code to get the best bonus possible at buy generic clomid online Carbon Poker.

What You Get

You get a full membership at DragTheBar for two months just by raking $1 at a Carbon Poker table.  The full membership includes training from over 30 coaches, access to DragTheBar’s library of over 1000 poker instructional videos (40 new videos added monthly), and access to the active forums where players attempt to help each other and pose questions to the coaches.

DragTheBar animated porn is one of the top online poker training websites online and access to the site for free is a great promotion from Carbon Poker.

Does ebony bondage Poker Training Work?

Most poker players believe they know more about the game than they do, but the fact is that poker is such a complex game that is always changing and training sites such as this one do have their place even for the most advanced players.  If nothing else the videos will help you to understand how other players think when they are in a similar position, which should increase your ability to put your opponents on a range of hands when they make certain plays at the Carbon Poker tables.  Poker is a game where you should never stop learning and Carbon Poker is giving online poker players the tools to improve their game just for playing at their site.

The old milf Merge network has had some difficulties lately and with Lock Poker leaving to start their own online poker network Merge needs to continue to offer great promotions such as this one to attract new players and keep their current ones.  The Last Man Standing promotion for the month of May was a solid promotion, but it is geared towards only the higher stake players who rack up the VIP points at Carbon Poker.  This free poker training promo is perfect for the newer, lower stakes players, which is where I have found Carbon Poker to be lacking with their promotions over the years.  A player should be able to rake $1 in less than an hour playing at very small stakes, so this promotion is really set up for anyone.  A quick poker download of Carbon and a few minutes at the table should be enough to gain you access to DragTheBar for the next couple months.

In order to get the best return out of the promotion I suggest opting in and raking the $1 early in the month so that you have 2 full months of access to the DragTheBar website.

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